Art Zine project Summer 2014

Sting#1 was a collaborative project between artist Teresa Paiva and young artists attending a creative programme at ECYC during Summer 2014. 

Delving into photography , digital design, illustration and  creative writing, young artists had the opportunity to develop work  alongside  professional practitioners in their respective fields - Paula Roush ( self-publishing ) ,  Anthony Anaxagorou (spoken word/creative writing) - to work collaboratively during a two week programme,  to create this publication.

In effect, the resulting work not only showcases young artists  new acquired skills as it also offers some insight on the breath of young people's creativity within the borough . 

As a result , young artists have successfully achieved bronze and silver arts awards on project completion . 

We will endeavour to continue further editions of Sting  artzine in the near future (subject to further funding)

This project has been kindly supported by RBKC Arts Grants Scheme and ECYC.

Bellow , some snippets of the publication content  and a free downloadable pdf for your peruse...

StingFinalPrint copy v2.pdf StingFinalPrint copy v2.pdf
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Light Hunters Lab 2011 

Summer Pin-hole Photography Project with local young people in collaboration with in-house artist Teresa Paiva, resulting in a public art installation. All those young people who participated in the project gained their bronze or silver youth arts award.

Computer Building Course

This popular project allows young people to gain skills in both Computer and Laptop building and maintenance. Over the course of the project young people are awarded points for punctuality, attendance, enthusiasm and team work with the young person who gains the most points winning a Top Spec computer.. It don't get better than this!! Additionally all participants who take part in the project can achieve an accredited outcome that can go into their Record of Achievement which can help with future job and college applications.  

Young T-shirt Entrepreneurs

The Young T-shirt Entrepreneurs is a project created by young people aged 13-19. We design and print T-shirts, hoodies, bags and mugs for clients. The prints are of high standard and quality and are long lasting. This project has a direct effect on young people’s lives in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This is a project run by young people for young people. As well as the financial benefits for young people, this project also gives all young people the opportunity to gain part time employment and work experience in the apparel design and print business. 

Any young person from any background, ability and skill set can gain work experience and employment from this project. Young people do not need to have any qualifications or to be of any level. Training and personal development is provided on the job. 

This project also allows young person to gain AQA certificates and gain a youth achievement award. These are a great addition to anyone’s CV and are recognised by employers. 

This is a great project that also teaches young people discipline, timekeeping and business acumen. Young people who take part in the project are worked with closely on their behaviour and are encouraged to change their behaviour in a positive way. Amongst other things this project tries to show young people that there are other ways of gaining money without resorting to crime, violence or drugs even if they don’t have any qualifications or work experience. 

This project was launched early 2011 and we are hoping to expand the business so that we can help more young people gain work experience, skills and gain financial benefits

By placing an order with us you are helping Young people to:

  1. Gain a job

  2. Gain money

  3. Gain new transferable skills

  4. Gain experience in the field of Apparel design and print business

  5. Gain skills on aspects of running and growing a business

  6. Gain Time keeping skills

  7. Gain Money management skills

  8. Get recognised certificates

  9. Improve their behaviour

  10. Improve their graphic design skills

  11. And learn about other euntrapanerial business ideas so they can start their own business in the future.

When you order from us we guarantee:

  1. High standard of Apparel and print that can withstand many year of use and washing.

  2. Competitive prices

  3. Improvement in the lives of young people.

With every order we will supply you with the information sheet of the young person who benefited and worked to produce your order. This will include a picture of the young person working on your order and also a statement from that young person. 

Here are some pictures of the apparel's that the Young T-shirt Entrepreneurs team have produced since the project began: