ECYC Power League 


The long awaited ECYC Power League has finally landed right here in the heart of Chelsea. Thanks to the determination and persistence of ECYC members, Youth workers and management committee members and alongside the help and support of Sports Development, Youth Opportunities Fund and the Kickz Project we are now able to offer an on-going U17’s 5-Aside league at a snip of the price it would normally cost to access a league of the same quality!!

Football has always been a key feature within the programme delivered at Earls Court Youth Club (ECYC), where we currently have 4 teams including 1 female over 16s Team (the only team to win the Battersea ELMs women’s league back to back), and 3 male Teams, Over 17’s, Under 17’s and Under 13s.

As anyone who plays football seriously will know a major factor in the development of any team is the opportunity to compete regularly against other teams. Previously we have been able to achieve this by raising external funds to pay for league fees from a variety of sources including RBKC’s Youth Opportunities Fund, London Youth and Community Chest. However with league fees becoming ever more expensive and funding ever more scarce, this approach became unsustainable.

In response to this some of our players, with the support of their Youth Support Worker, decided that it was time to take matters into their own hands by setting up their own FA affiliated 5-a-side League. This would in turn allow young people from the various youth provisions within the South of the borough to play regular and affordable competitive football.

The idea for the league came from the young people themselves and in the process of setting up the league they have developed skills in marketing, fundraising, Branding and management and have gained extra qualifications in football coaching. 

The League itself will take place on a Wednesday evening between 5-7pm and will prioritise teams accessing provision in the South of the Borough. However, in order for the league to remain sustainable we will need to ensure that all places are full so if for whatever reason a team is unable to find the funds to attend one of the league cycles (10 weeks) it may be necessary to offer places to teams outside of the South Patch on an interim basis.
The first league is due to “kick off” on Wednesday 12th December 2012.  The league will contain 6 teams, comprising a maximum of 8 players per team (5 a-side with 3 subs), all teams playing each other four times over a 10-week period, playing two 30 minute matches each week.
The introductory cost for the first league will be £175 (plus a refundable £25 retainer in case of no shows), subsequent leagues will then be charged at £250 inclusive of a £25 retainer.

Key points - what will set this league apart from others


  • The League will be run by high quality dedicated professionals.
  • Highly trained Apprentices from RBKC Youth & Schools Sports Development Team will referee all games and will be evaluated on a game by game basis to ensure high standards are maintained.
  • Medical staff will attend all matches.
  • High quality trophies for winners, runners up and players player of the tournament.
  • Weekly updates of scores will be available via ECYC website.
  • Honesty' fairness and integrity will be key ingredients as will respect for officials, competitors and spectators.
  • There will be opportunities to gain a FA Level 1 Football Coaching qualification.
  • Incentives from Chelsea Football Club including a visit to Cobham Training ground and much more.
  • Press coverage (Local press and ELM news).
In summary, this will be a league run by young people for young people and our aim will be to achieve F.A. "Charter status" by Autumn 2013. 

If you are a team based within the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea and would like to enter into the ECYC Power League please don't hesitate to contact us.